R&D Technical support

SEERS Consulting can bring the following support to marketers-manufacturers of, or suppliers for consumer and personal products.
• Skin care: innovative approaches and concepts. From consumer insights to product development to product communication, our objective is to bring innovative ideas to fruition
• Science based approach to Natural ingredients: Whether you want to be in naturals because it is the fashion or because you really believe that Nature has invented ways to help solve problems, we’ll help you in developing the best strategy, safe, efficient and innovative products. Dr Khaiat is the author of the chapter on “Botanical Extracts” in the book “Cosmeceuticals: Drugs vs. Cosmetics” (P. Elsner and H. I. Maibach editors, Marcel Dekker publisher)
• The Voice of the Customer: if you are a supplier of ingredients to the cosmetic industry and want to have a sounding board for your new products or your new research areas. We can also help you preparing your communication to your customers and explaining the new concepts as well as giving presentations to trade conferences
• Regulatory approaches: How to navigate among the multiple regulations a product might be exposed to, what is the best strategy? We’ll help you answer
• Safety evaluation: How to assess ingredients and product safety while minimizing the costs of testing?
• Product Efficacy and claims support: How to maximize the claims, what test to perform, how to minimize the cost?
• GMP: We can help you complying with GMP requirements or performing audits

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